Coming to the USA from Europe—the Netherlands specifically—it was a no brainer for me to start my own business in my new home country. Being an entrepreneur in the USA is far less risky than starting a…
Nathalie Udo
Scrappy Business and Life Consultant, President, InDepth Strategies, LLC

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Want to start your own business? You could read one (or many) of the hundreds of books out there on the subject, make all the right moves, and do it just the way the experts tell you to. Knock yourself out in the process!
Betty Jo Waxman
Scrappy Independent Consultant, Personal & Professional Development Trainer, and Lively Workshop Facilitator
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As a young girl, I would always cringe when this question was asked of me. The problem was I never really knew if I wanted to grow up or not! Of course, I had no choice in the matter of growing up. It was going to happen.
Pat Obuchowski
CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer!), inVisionaria
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Have you ever noticed that chasing your dreams just makes them retreat? Sometimes stalking them creates the opposite of the result we’re seeking. But, just like that proverbial butterfly, happiness will frequently land…
Carole Amos
Global Channel Marketing Director, Ironkey, Inc.
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My professional story has taken me from one extreme to the other—from an uber-left-brain career to an uber-right-brain one—and back again to center. Looking back, I see that my whole brain has been at work all along…
Sue Lebeck
Ms. “You say I can’t do what?”
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When you were growing up, how many times did someone tell you to “Keep your eye on the ball”? I have heard it about 500,000 times … not that I’ve been keeping track. Rounding off to the nearest…
Mai-Huong Le
Business Transformations Extraordinaire
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“The FBI is on the line,” said the receptionist one morning, as I stepped into the company. “They need to talk to you.” Now, even though I am not a morning person, that greeting will get anybody’s mind kicked into…
Hannah Kain
President & CEO of ALOM Technologies Corp., Mentor, Coach, Friend, Supporter, Daughter, Wife, Sister, Aunt, Author
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I live in Africa, but not in a mud hut as many people unfamiliar with Africa might imagine. I don’t have elephants or lions running around my garden. We have electricity and inflation, drive cars in traffic jams…
Eldette Davie
Ms. “You say I can’t do what?”
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I grew up in Iowa, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I had much of the small town naïveté, but as an athlete, I also had a great drive and confidence. The combination led me to think I could do anything. So when I was…
Julie Castro Abrams
CEO, Women’s Initiative for Self Employment
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Did you know that if you grow up in Switzerland you have to choose your profession while you’re in high school? Only about 20% of the population continues on to the university level, and the remainder…
Terrie Mui
Catalyst in Making Visions Possible
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Although I’ve lived all my life in Japan, where society’s expectations and treatment of women differ greatly from those of men, I’ve lived anything but a traditional Japanese woman’s life. As a young girl…
Yuko Shibata
Executive Director of ALC Education, Inc. of ALC Group, Tokyo, Japan
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Contact Kimberly for a conversation for possibilities:  +1 650 867 0847
Late one night when there was nothing good on TV I got this idea to collect the stories of some of the scrappiest businesswomen I know and admire into a book. “How hard could that be…”
Scrappy Kimberly Wiefling
President, Wiefling Consulting, Inc.
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April 12, 2018

Avoid Tapping Into Your Retirement

by kwiefling

Contributed article in our financial series. Enjoy! – Kimberly A hefty 401(k) is in an important part of building your retirement nest egg. The best way to keep it viable is to never dip into it for any reason. Of … Continue reading