3 Ways to Inspire and Engage Your Audience

Contributed article in our business series. Enjoy! – KimberlyYou can market your business all day, but if you’re sending your audience to snoozy town, then nobody will be going anywhere fast. 

Let’s face it: business can be boring! Say it aloud and remove its power over you! There is a lot about corporations and jobs that are just truly mind-numbingly dull, and it’s to be expected to a degree here and there. 

What’s not okay, though, is this consensus leaking through to your target audience. They need to be inspired, engaged, and ready to purchase, thinking you’re the best thing since sliced bread wherever possible. 

Therefore, here are 3 ways to inspire and engage your audience. 

Funky Animation

There’re no customer engagement problems that a few swirling animations can’t fix! 

Think of the Christmas adverts that pop up around Christmas. Which are the most popular? It’s the animated ones of course, belonging to John Lewis & Partners and even Lidl! People love companies that have creative, wholesome touches, and animation is a great way to land that impression of your own. 

Can’t do it yourself? That’s fine, you can instead hire an animation studio to provide some beautiful work on your behalf. For the best quality, look at the work from Nibble. They animate explainer videos that help along all your communication needs, turning bite sized information into glorious, dazzling content. Nibble work hard in using visual storytelling to engage your audience, whomever they may be, so consider utilising these services if you need assistance. 

Compose a Story 

Branching out from the animation side of things, there are of course other ways to sell your story, and thus sell your product or service. 

Personal anecdotes, uplifting news from the world of work, and detailing all the flourishes of the customer journey are great ways to invigorate your audience. Composing a story is an artful craft – it’s a transportive measure, putting a positively inspiring twist on even the most minute details. You can do this at corporate events, meetings with potential investors, or on the shop floor with the customer. Versatility is vital!   

For example, if you’re selling soap, it would be truly disastrous to just say something along the lines of; ‘this soap is good, and it’s the soap you need.’ Instead, compose the story behind the soap. Where did it come from? What ingredients were used in its making, and how were they lovingly sourced? What’s the uplifting biography of the man or woman behind the product? All these details set the stage for a more remarkable customer journey, and helps you stand out from your competition. 

Encourage Participation

All businesses can encourage greater participation from their audience, signaling that they’re more than just a walking wallet that might occasionally doll out some cash! 

Customer surveys, helpline numbers, and website chatbots are all great ways of giving business proceedings a jolt of energy. They personalise your service, and make the customer feel valued, which in turn sparks inspiration and engagement. People want to be around fellow humans who want them around, so if you can orchestrate a mutually beneficial exchange right off the bat, a strong business to consumer (or B2C) relationship can be more effectively established. 

Being fun, friendly, and informal can also yield positive results. That way, you’re opening your company up to different demographics instead of just posh people with no personality. It’s a tough world out there, and life is too short to be so strictly regimented or overly old fashioned. There’s nothing wrong with some chat! 

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