4 Wardrobe Hacks for Female Entrepreneurs

When you work in a large corporation you’ll likely follow a dress code, so a few variations on classic outfits can keep you looking professional for years. But when you leave this world behind to go self-employed, a sudden fashion crisis often accompanies the many other challenges of working for yourself. So here are four wardrobe hacks for female entrepreneurs that will restore your sense of style.


If you don’t have a few pairs of jeans to jump into at a moment’s notice then it’s time to invest in denim. You’ll need an everyday pair to stick on while you meet with co-workers, a chic skinny pair for socialising at weekends and a classy pair in a darker colour to don at less formal business meetings. It might be best avoiding the torn jeans trend in certain scenarios — but most are perfectly practical for an action-packed entrepreneur.

Laptop Sleeves

You’ll need a cool laptop sleeve whether you’re working from home or investing in an office — meeting new clients and making deals means lots of travel in trains, planes and taxis. Sleek leather styles let you channel your inner fashionista while you’re making those power moves. And choosing a slim line style means that your power dressing suit isn’t ruined by a mismatched chunky backpack. So find a laptop style that suits and you’ll feel professional while you’re on the move.

Evening Outfits

Your success in business will rely more on your skills and character than your sense of female style — but getting to grips with evening outfits could give you a competitive edge. So you might need to refresh your collection of dresses to ensure that you’ve got a clutch of choices for evening events like awards and charity balls. These types of event are an excellent opportunity to network and bond with your team, so you’ll want to look and feel as confident as possible as you mix and mingle.


If you do have days when you know you’ll be at home with your nose to the grindstone, you need to be comfortable. So a comfy tracksuit and trainers combo is about to become your best work buddy. Choose a self-coloured set unless you’re a fan of busy urban designs, with a comfy cut that allows you to feel relaxed but is stylish enough to look superb when you pop to the shops. Most of us never get to wear a tracksuit to work unless we’re elite athletes or have spent time in a penitentiary — so grab the chance to be a lady of leisure (suit).

Follow these four wardrobe hacks and you’ll have an outfit to suit every facet of your entrepreneurial existence.

What’s your must-have entrepreneurial outfit? Share your stories in the comments section.

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