My friend’s 5 year old daughter, Dejanah, published her first short book on Amazon as part of a series. She is so excited about it. Her Mum says “She really worked hard on this and saw this process through, even the publishing part that my husband helped with. So she has asked me to share the news!” Enjoy! – Kimberly

The author describes this as an epic book. It is part of a series, and is only part one. It is about Serena, a superhero, and she is great! More books about her will be coming out that explain her legacy. This is a beautiful book. It is magical, is very mysterious, and it is very funny. It explains a tiny bit of her life. Follow her as she explores the nether, in search of her sister.

From the author: “I hope you get a chance to read it as I want people to enjoy it.”
THE AUTHOR: Dejanah was born in Oakland. Now she is based in Sydney with her parents and brother. Dejanah is 5 years old and loves science, Minecraft, tech tools, musical theatre and learning new things. She wants to be all the professions one day but particularly an astronaut.
Kindle version coming out soon!
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