7 Side Hustles for Busy People Who Want to Earn Extra Cash

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To some people, this is referred to as “moonlighting”. Other people tend to call it their “hobby that pays”. It doesn’t matter what you happen to call your side hustle, it isn’t simply something that will allow you to bring in a bit more cash. Your side hustle can actually be a quite valuable addition to your current career. It can give you the connections and skills that otherwise, you would never acquire. Let’s take a quick peek at some of the side hustles you can do that can earn you that extra money you need. 


There are people who are not happy with how their yards look. You can always spot them by how unkempt they appear. You can easily get a small loan from a place like LadderCredit.com and get the tools that you will need to become a gardener in your spare time. Go up to people’s houses and knock on the door to ask them if they would be amenable to you pull weeds, mow, rake, plant gardens, etc. This is something that is easy and packed full of repeat business.

Freelance Writer

This is similar to blogging, and might include it at times. The thing is, what you have on your mind matters and there are plenty of media outlets that will value your input and perspective. You just need to dig a bit in order to find a site whose audience would benefit from your advice or opinions. Once you have found that site, pitch them with some ideas. You might also have a dream to write and publish your own book. With places like Amazon, that is totally possible. You just need a computer, an internet connection, and a brain.

Cleaning Business

Do you enjoy cleaning, like Monica did on the TV show Friends? If you do, or at least if you don’t mind it, this could be a great side hustle you can have while still having your career. You can find private homes, or businesses that will pay you to clean for them. All you need is a few places to clean on the weekends or at night and you can really earn some money. You will need to have cleaning supplies and a good vacuum cleaner.


Are you passionate about music? Do you play an instrument or sing? If so, you might try to book a few gigs at different places. There are restaurants that hire people for live music and bars are always looking for live music as well. You might also try to get booked at fairs and hire yourself out for private parties and weddings, depending on the type of music you are into.


Do you paint, sketch, or sculpt? If you do, you might find ways to get paid to ply your craft. There are all sorts of craft fairs that happen all across the country where you can sell your creations. You might also think about teaching other people to do what you do. You might even start a website where you can sell your pieces.


Are you a science genius? A math whiz? An expert in languages? The chances are good that if you have any of these skills, you can find people who aren’t and need to be for classes in college or even high school. Advertise to tutor people on billboards at schools and on various websites. You can help students to make better grades all while earning that extra money that you need.

Online Consulting

What skill do you have that you excel at? Think about this for a while and when you have the answer, think about turning it into a side hustle. You might even consider turning that skill into a consulting business that you can do online. Ideas for this can include but are not limited to things like marketing, social media, and even consulting with students regarding how to best use their time to study. Almost everyone has that one skill that they can use to teach someone else. There is also at least one thing that other people will pay to learn.

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