A Basic Guide to Become a Hotshot Driver

Hotshot trucks are trucks that ensure small yet time-sensitive loads. Usually, hotshot trucking is required for on-site projects where there could be a sudden need for an urgent supply. Hotshot trucking is essential to ensure that products arrive on time.

Hotshot truckers are trained to optimize the transportation process and provide optimal convenience for their customers. If you like what you year and want to become a hotshot trucker yourself– you might want to give it a go by understanding the essential hotshot truck requirements.

Nonetheless, this brief guide covers the essentials that you need to know to become a hotshot driver.

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Hotshot Trucking – An Overview

Hotshot truckers are trained to deliver small loads within tight deadlines. The term “hotshot” originates from Texas’s oilfields to deliver items from different stations and deliver them to different locations.

You can think of hotshot trucking in terms of a service that ensures same-day delivery and that their clients receive their items/orders on time. Usually, trucking company owners can benefit from hotshot trucking in different ways.

For instance, the owners of trucking companies can outsource hotshot truckers to deliver urgent loads to different locations.

Requirements for Becoming a Hotshot Driver

Of course, you will need a truck and your typical driver’s license. You might as well go for a CDL license for bigger trucking operations. As a hotshot trucker, you will need to follow the DOT regulations.

Here are some other rules that you will want to keep in mind:

  • Your load weight cannot surpass 26 thousand pounds.
  • It is mandatory to have an MC number.
  • You need to get approval from the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).
  • It is mandatory to pass physical assessments that include reflex reactions and eyesight.
  • Your truck must contain a fire extinguisher and a DOT license plate.

Potential Benefits of Becoming a Hotshot Trucker

Now that you have gotten a basic idea about hotshot trucking, you will want to know the following benefits of becoming a hotshot trucker.

Here are the potential benefits:


As a hotshot trucker, you will be working for yourself. You will be self-employed, so you won’t have to deal with a boss or a supervisor. As a hotshot trucker, you won’t deal with a middleman, but you will get work directly from clients.

This way, you won’t have to deal with any problems typical employees face at their workplace, including toxic work environments, toxic colleagues, and undeserved promotions.

If you think of it – you will be a freelance trucker, which means that you can accept any order from a client that you see as suitable. You can also go on vacations whenever you want and work according to your own schedule.

High Earning Potential

As a hotshot trucker, you can benefit from a high earning potential as you will work according to the golden rule that more work makes more money. Since you will be working as per your own schedule, it means that you aren’t bound by time.

Moreover, you won’t have to deal with a fixed salary – though the idea of getting a regular monthly paycheck seems appealing to some people – it is definitely not for everyone. So, becoming a hotshot trucker is ideal for those who don’t want to work a 9 to 5 job.

As a hotshot trucker, you will get the exact amount of money for the hours that you spend working. As a matter of fact, you will receive direct compensation for your input. The pay will be transparent – on the days when you will have more energy, you will get paid more.

Earn Money Right Away

The best part is that as a hotshot trucker, you can earn money immediately. Before starting your career as a hotshot trucker, you will want to get the basics in order, including your truck, paperwork, numbers, and other equipment.

Once you have everything set up, you can immediately start booking orders and providing your services to potential clients. After you have delivered a few times, you will get a hold of everything, and the process won’t become as complicated.

The potential advantage of earning money right away makes hotshot trucking a popular job – given that you have the right tools.

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