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Children with limb differences are being assisted by the Helping Hands Project in a variety of ways.  Since the Helping Hands Project utilizes 3D printing in order to get prosthetic devices to the children, they are providing these children with more than just the ability to do more things but also the confidence that they need to engage in more and more activities that will allow them to blossom into the beautiful individuals that they are.

When Did The Helping Hands Project Begin?

The Helping Hands Project began back in the year 2014. It started with the help of the Biomedical Engineering (BME) department which is at UNC Chapel Hill.  This began the process of using 3D printing for the prosthetic devices that were and are given to the children that need them at no charge.

Offering Great Events For The Children

Children with limb differences may feel that they are the only one that has their difficulties. They need to know that there are other children that also have their disability.  With the events that the Helping Hands Project schedule in the community, it allows these children to gather together to see that they are not alone in their struggles.  This can set the stage for many friendships to develop and continue to grow as the child gets older.  Children are given the support that they need in order to enjoy as much out of life as they possibly can.

Who Is Involved In The Helping Hands Project?

There are plenty of dedicated people that are working with the Helping Hands Project.  They include a large number of students, healthcare professionals and various members of the community.  Since these people love what they do, they constantly love to promote the Helping Hands Project and how beneficial it is to the children that have limb differences.  They know that it can make all the difference in the world for a child.  The team accepts donations that will be utilized to help enable the continuance of the project.

Obtaining A Device

The Helping Hands Project can be reached online for application for a child’s device.  They are currently making upper limb 3D printing prosthesis and the specifications need to be listed in a form on their website.  For many parents, obtaining these devices for their children that need them can make a dramatic difference in their lives.  They know that this will give their children the opportunity to do the things that they enjoy in a much better way.  Here is the link to visit the website for people that may need to order a device for their children https://www.helpinghandproject.org/get-a-device

Answering Questions And Giving Information

Another fantastic part about the Helping Hands Project is that the people that are involved are very knowledgeable.  They are able to answer any questions that a person may have about the 3D printing process that is used for prosthetic devices.  The information that people can gain from them has a very huge impact on helping children.

The Future With The Helping Hands Project

The future looks good for the Helping Hands Project as more and more people find out about it.  With the donations from others and volunteers doing good work, their plans to increase the 3D printing prosthetic devices in the future looks promising.  With the continued good work of the people, more and more children can be helped in this manner.  Staying abreast of the latest technology is an important aspect of the Helping Hands Project. This allows them to have the very latest information about 3D printing for the prosthetics so that they can continue to make them easily and quickly to help the children that have limb differences.  Each and every day, the people that are involved with the Helping Hands Project are making the lives of so many children so much better in many ways.

Signing Up For The Helping Hands Project Newsletter

When visiting the Helping Hands Project’s website, people can sign up for their free newsletter.  This newsletter is filled with great information that will give them the latest information on what is happening with the project, the events that are scheduled and much more.  Many people are signing up for this newsletter so that they can be updated on all the latest ways that the Helping Hands Project is affecting the lives of children in fantastic ways.  The link to the website is https://www.helpinghandproject.org/home-2-1 and at the bottom is where they can sign up for the newsletter right away.

The Helping Hands Project is making a difference in so many children’s lives.  This is something that will continue to give benefits to children with limb differences and offer them the hope that they need to continue to thrive and become even more productive as they grow up.

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