The book, “Scrappy Women in Business – Living Proof that Bending the Rules Isn’t Breaking the Law”, has lots of raving fans, including these peeps.  They kindly provided the following endorsements:

“Kimberly Wiefling’s delightful Scrappy Women in Business shatters the myth that the road to success depends on careful foresight and planning.  By dissecting the diverse paths taken by 11 successful women, this book demonstrates why the virtues of persistence, improvisation, and embracing messiness and unpredictability, are hallmarks of great leaders – and why the ability to develop and stick to a master plan is an overrated virtue.”

Robert I. Sutton, Stanford Professor and author of Good Boss, Bad Boss: How to be best… and learn from the worst.

“Having spent decades working to expand the impact that women leaders have in the business world, I’m truly thrilled that these women have chosen to share their unique and sometimes ‘untidy’ paths to career success. Kimberly’s book is an invitation for all of us to engage in authentic sharing of the truth of our own scrappy experiences up the career ladder so that others that come after us will not feel so alone when they take a few tumbles or missteps on the way to achieving their dreams.”

Denise Brosseau, CEO, Well-Connected Leader, Inc. and Co-founder Springboard Enterprises

“Kimberly Wiefling has created a book that should be required for women of all ages…regardless of whether they are self-employed or employees (and, if an employee, regardless of their ‘level’ within a company). Each woman featured in this book has achieved significant career success (based on their own personal definition of ‘success’), and never let obstacles deter their journey. During the toughest times, faced with the biggest challenges, they tapped into their creativity, gut and brains, and pushed through. Even as a successful 20-year business owner myself, I learned valuable information from each of their stories, and was inspired by all of them.”

Lisa Orrell, CPC, The Promote U Guru, Branding Expert – Marketing Consultant – Business Coach, Speaker & Author, PromoteUGuru.com

“Ever have a day when everything goes wrong and you feel lost, defeated, and ready to quit?  Well that is when you need to pick up this book and read a chapter.  It will energize you with stories of women who faced tough challenges, and beat the odds on their road to success.   These stories will save your sanity, keep you afloat and inspire you to pursue your dreams. Keep it handy when you need an energy boost!”

Mala Devlin, Author  of The Software Soul

“To put it simply, I would never bet against Kimberly – failure is just not in her vocabulary. I have great admiration and respect for her ability to guide individuals, teams and projects to success. As a colleague, and in many ways a student, of hers, she quickly demonstrated to me how to achieve your goals regardless of your background and experience.”

Jateen Parekh, Co-Founder, CTO, COO, www.jelli.com

“Scrappy Women in Business is a terrific shot in the arm of a book for all of us out there building our lives and our careers on the front lines of the 21st Century.  The book is an empowering combination of the honest, wise, practical and humorous advice and experiences of a dozen remarkable women.  Kimberly’s own compelling story unfolds through the commentary she uses to weave together the remarkable stories of her eleven high-achieving colleagues.   Here are intriguing examples and very practical advice to encourage you to keep on keeping on, scrappily changing the status quo while living up to your own potential and improving the lives and environment all around you.  As Kimberly so aptly sums up in her book, ‘Wooo hooo!’ “

Leslie Field, Ph.D., Founder and Managing Member of SmallTech Consulting, LLC, Founder and CEO of Ice911 Research CorporationConsulting Professor in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University

“Kimberly Wiefling has a passion for doing what seems impossible – she not only inspires but actually opens your thinking so that you can ignite your own passion – both professional and personal. She is a master at taking those possibilities and designing amazing, and at the same time, reliable pathways for extraordinary success.  As a wonderful plus, she is one of the most entertaining leaders, speakers and facilitators that I have ever encountered in the business world.”

Barbara Fittipaldi, President and CEO, Center for New Futures

“You’ve heard of the theory of “Six Degrees of Separation”?   In Silicon Valley I haven’t yet been able to make it more than three degrees before people are connected to Kimberly Wiefling.   Everyone has a story to tell about Kimberley.  Everyone who’s been in her sphere of influence has been affected in some way.  Kimberly doesn’t ever sit still and she doesn’t allow people around her to sit still either.  She constantly goads those of us lucky enough to hang around her into new/better/different ways of doing things.   Falling into her web, she instigated me to start the first ever university extension blog, now coming up to 4 years old with more than 30 regular bloggers on the art of project management.   For those not lucky enough to know Kimberly, this book is your chance of being inspired into doing the impossible.  It will be a book I give my daughter when she graduates from college.”

Sandra A. Clark, 
Director of Communications, UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley

“Finally, a book about real women who broke the boundaries and are living proof that anything is possible. I’ve been fortunate enough to know some of these women in person. I am a refugee from Russia who came into the United States about nineteen years ago and today I am a Director of Quality Assurance. Some of you might say, what’s the big deal? Well, it is a big deal to me.  Nineteen years ago I could not imagine being in a management position. I am living my dream because of the kind of women who wrote this book. They’ve been a huge inspiration for me, they taught me that everything is possible and no, you don’t need to bend or beg, just get scrappier. I don’t have any words of wisdom, I just wish after you are done reading this book you will be inspired to live your dream!  P.S. The only sad part about this book is that it’s a reminder that you’ve got to have balls to make it in a man’s world. Having balls can open doors and create opportunities like you could never imagine. Check the stats, there are 50.6% women in management and only 12 female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Well ladies, I guess it is time to beat the odds against us.”

Irina Elent, Director of Quality Assurance, Quantivo Corporation

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