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Help us make this site a truly global site, where women all over the world come to share their stories and read the stories of other Scrappy Businesswomen.

OUR GOAL: Visits from women from all ~200 countries of the world!

As of Jan 9, 2017, people from 172 countries on Planet Earth have visited us. Our goal is to host visitors from EVERY COUNTRY on Planet Earth! Thanks for contributing to this project to share stories that inspire and encourage women’s contributions to business! Please share with your friends around the world to help us achieve our goal of visits from every country in Our World.   – Scrappy Kimberly

“Disappointingly, after decades of increasing education levels and hard work, the progress of women in the professional world is nowhere near where I would have predicted it would be this far along into the 21st century. What is the future of Planet Earth? Will governments solve our most pressing problems? Personally, I strongly believe that our best hope is in helping global companies solve our problems – profitably, and thus sustainably. Given the enormous challenges facing Our World It seems to me that we’ll need everyone’s help if businesses are going to solve the problems of our world. Let’s get scrappy!” – Kimberly Wiefling, Author “Scrappy Women in Business – Living Proof that Bending the Rules Isn’t Breaking the Law” and President, Wiefling Consulting, Inc.

When I talk with businesswomen from around the world I find we have much in common, including a passionate commitment to a world that works for everyone. Our countries and cultures differ, but we share many similar experiences as women in the business world. And there’s plenty of research that proves that business results improve when women’s participation in leadership and management increases. The world needs our help – let’s get busy!  Please help us recruit women from around the world, including the smallest countries! Thanks a billion! – Kimberly

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