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Scrappy Kimberly says: Sue isn’t the kind of woman I’d normally be drawn to right off the bat. She’s pensive. She’s patient. She’s … relentless! And THAT is why I am inextricably woven into her adventures. She’s as powerful as a stick of dynamite, and yet as gentle as a velvet glove. And she can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you’ll look forward to the trip! TRULY scrappy!

Author: Sue Lebeck, Innovation Advocate

My name is Sue Lebeck, and I’m the founder of Silicon Valley Innovation Associates, a firm focused on driving initiatives in support of innovation. Initiatives I’m leading now include “Silicon Valley Letters to Washington” and “InnovatingSMART—celebrating SMART innovation for a sustainable world.” For the past three years, I had the pleasure of leading the “Innovation Society” at the Silicon Valley Innovation Institute (SVII). Earlier, I founded and developed Working-Arts, a firm devoted to bringing artful perspectives to professional life. In a previous life, I spent fifteen years developing collaborative networking software and standards, predecessors to the tools I rely upon today.

My work is inspired and informed by my background in the sciences and the arts. I have a graduate degree in computer science, and another in clinical psychology and creative expression. In my varied career, I enjoyed fifteen years in networking software design and development, technology leadership and program management, then five years in expressive arts program development, education and counseling, and most recently, five years supporting creativity and innovation in the workplace and beyond.

A program director and former software architect, I understand the power of well-designed frameworks and procedures to build and evolve effective systems. A creativity teacher and innovation advocate, I also understand the human processes of creativity and innovation, and the elements needed to foster it.

“The constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.”—Benjamin Franklin

Read a sample of Sue’s chapter from the Scrappy Women in Business book here.

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