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Scrappy Kimberly says: A truly Scrappy woman should be able to be able to parachute into a strange city, make a tent out of the parachute, and create an entirely new career and life for herself by sundown. That’s exactly the image I have of Terrie Mui! In fact, she’d probably be sketching out a diagram of the major highways and features of the area on the way down in order to better navigate once she hit the ground. Say aloha to any preconceived notions of laid back Hawaiians!

Author – Terrie Mui, Catalyst in Making Visions Possible

My name is Terrie Mui, and I am a creative leader in launching new product development initiatives and developing workable strategies. Experienced in the aerospace, internet and bio-tech industries, I have developed technically challenging hardware and software products by creating an environment for team success.

A certified PMP and Stanford APM, I have held positions such as Sr. Program Manager and Project Guru in both startups and mature organizations, creating collaborative relationships to realize the company’s visions. I earned a Master’s degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Loyola Marymount University, as well as hard knocks education in RF/Microwave Engineering.

I am a principal of Project-Catalysts Consulting, which provides coaching and training in product development, business process improvement, and customer relationship management. My no-nonsense approach has been useful in multiple high-tech industries and in sales, marketing, engineering and operations organizations. Besides serving on the board of directors of non-profit organizations, I am also an advocate of women in project management and founder of Women in Project Management. This Silicon Valley community, founded in 2002 and dedicated to women interested in the project management profession, mentors women to find their passion in project management or offer other ideas.

An accomplished cook and foodie, I relish bringing together different ingredients from around the world and sharing the creative output with my adventurous foodie friends.

“Well-behaved women seldom make history– Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Read a sample of Terrie’s chapter from the Scrappy Women in Business book here.

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