Bending the rules… isn’t breaking the law – and, it can be fun & profitable!

Written by: CeCes Charleston

But, for some of us who truly believe the rules are:

1) Never relocate your home, it will hurt your children’s socialization,

2) Don’t work outside of the home, you need to always be there for your family, and

3) The husband has to be the breadwinner… it can be tough to go against the grain (trying to do it all)!!!

While thinking the family will suffer.  However, now that success is occurring, there is even more time and resource to enjoy with the entire family – and, life is so much more rewarding.

Just do it!  Its so true – follow your heart and it will happen.

In 2 to 3 years, all of life’s “rules” were broken (some by accident and some intended):

1) Moved from California to Tennessee with 4 kids in school (Hunter, Mackenzie, Beau-Gabriel, and Dawson),

2) Built a national franchise chain from the ground up!,

3) Provided the family with a new and incremental source of income.

Yes, “Grandma Ruby” (an enormous influence, and a true “scrappy woman” in her time) is the inspiration for Sweet CeCe’s Frozen Yogurt & Treats.  In just a few short years (while relocations, family, friend, work issues continued to require management), the first Franklin, TN Sweet CeCe’s grew into over 40 nationally franchised shops!  And… thank gosh all those rules were BROKEN.

Cece's Charlston South Market

The crown jewel of all the Sweet CeCe’s Frozen Yogurt & Treats in now in Charleston, SC in the heart of the historic City Market (99 S. Market).  Hundred’s of thousands of dollars were dedicated to refurbishing an eyesore T-shirt shop into a Charleston delight!  The Charleston franchise is quite unique!!!  It buys only locally grown farm fresh berries, etc. for toppings, it has a 14’ “walk-in” candy silo (that’s hard to believe!) which adds to the over 44 toppings offered.  “Charleston-specific” flavors such as East Bay Vanilla Frozen Yogurt, and Rainbow Row Sorbet (including gluten free, no-sugar added, and fat-free). A NYC trained chef who designs original Charleston-based recipes out of frozen yogurt (that you can make yourself in the shop)! Plus, we have original local artwork on the walls, make grants to local charities, support internship programs, and participate in many, many other activities, to support the beautiful city of Charleston.

Break the rules!  Be scrappy!  Be bold!  Your family and friends will love it, and you’ll love what you’ve created.

Please come visit the newest Sweet CeCe’s Frozen Yogurt & Treats at 99 S. Market St., Charleston, SC

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