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Guest Post by Beth McGill, Thrive Flourish & Grow

Mom’s Spirit 

It was October 11, 2012, at 9:00 PM and I held my mom’s hands as she took her final breath  on this planet. My entire world was turned upside down and inside out. My mom was gone.  My body felt numb. She had been my rock, my best friend and my everything! When  something good happened to me, I called her. When something bad happened, I called  her. I suddenly felt alone in a way that I couldn’t express in words. Then, later that night as  I lay in bed in the hotel room I cried, not sobbing, just tears streaming down my face. I  finally relaxed and lying on my back, I felt my mom’s spirit press down on the blanket  around my shoulders, like she was tucking me in for the last time. The bed moved  downward enough for me to realize that this was real. It wasn’t a dream. 

Immediately, I started out on a personal journey. Was it a mental journey or a spiritual  journey? I had no clue, but I knew that my life needed something. 

I started to question everything! I started to be aware of anything! 

Warrior Heart 

In a few short months, the timing was right, and I invested in a one-day retreat in Santa  Barbara with a coach that I had listened to on a local radio station.  

It was January 12th, 2013. 

Coach Bill took us on a hike up into the Santa Barbara hills. It was a lovely day, and the  weather was perfect. When we got to our first location, he had us sit in a circle. He led us  through an exercise that had us evaluate our lives by each decade of our life. What was that  decade like? What was going on? Who were you with? How did you feel? At the end of  the exercise, he had us evaluate the timeline of our life. Before I knew it, the tears were  streaming down my face, and I realized that I lots of regrets and many hurt feelings, and I  cried some more. I was 52 years old! Where had my life gone? 

Next, Coach Bill took us down to the stunning Santa Barbara cemetery located right on the  coast. With our backs to the ocean and looking at all of the tombstones, I realized that they  all have one thing in common – two dates and a dash in between them. That’s it – two dates  and a dash! 

Coach Bill reminded us that a cemetery is a field of forgotten dreams and is filled with  regrets of not living one’s dreams. All those thousands of lost dreams…

Then he said, “You are living your “dash” right now! “What are YOU going to do between  now and dead?” 

I felt it in my gut this time. I felt like I had been punched in the stomach by a prize fighter.  The tears weren’t coming this time, however. Instead, there was a surge of energy in my body, and I knew, I knew that my life was meant for something more! It was almost a  feeling of pure panic like I couldn’t breathe! I was already 52 and I felt like I needed to start  LIVING MY LIFE! 

I knew from that moment on that I was a different person. You see, there is NO WAY that  I’m going to die without fulfilling MY life’s purpose! 

The Last Ten Years 

It’s been ten years now since that day in Santa Barbara. I have studied, read books,  attended seminars, workshops and I have learned so much. In my search for my life’s  purpose, I focused on one question – How can I help more people? That question has been  my anchor and my timeline has changed a lot since then. What changed within me is that I  began to listen to myself instead of everyone else. 

I stopped teaching third grade in 2015 and became a full-time entrepreneur setting up my  financial services business from my home. During this time, my personal journey became my  spiritual journey, and I created a second business, Thrive, Flourish & Grow. 

In 2022, I sold my financial services business. Some people said that I was crazy, and others  said that I was being risky. I didn’t care what anyone else said. I sold my business because it  was the right thing to do for me!  


Now at 62 I am stepping into MY LIFE’S PURPOSE! My first book, Allow Life to Happen and receive everything you desire! is launching January 24th on Amazon. I’m sharing everything  I’ve learned about how to manifest your dreams. It includes 30 different exercises that I did  on my journey that were game changers.  

I’ve also created an inspiring journal to go with the book or as a standalone. Then, I’m  offering my course, Life Expansion & Transformation, in March. In this course I take people  through a deep dive of the book, adding in guided meditations and providing daily energy  work for all participants.

My mission is to inspire you to live a life YOU love! It’s not a time to play small. I know that  you don’t want to have regrets either. Now is the time to take back your life and live a life  you thoroughly love! 

AUTHOR: Beth McGill

Thrive Flourish & Grow

Bio: I am a spiritual mentor, energy healer practitioner, teacher, and inspirational speaker. My desire is to help you understand who you really are, your purpose for being here, and to provide you with the clarity, confidence, and courage to live your life as the powerful creator that I know you to be.
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