My Epiphany, a SCRAPPY Moment and BIG Answer to Prayer by Lorne Shelby Wellington

Lorne_Shelby_Wellington_Updated_medium SWB website 2014-06-03Quote: “I coined the term multi-passionate entrepreneur because like you, I don’t fit into a conventional box.” – Marie Forleo

Story: Since I was a kid, say 9 yrs. old, my entrepreneurial spirit has been alive. My first business was “Mother’s Day Off”, a party planning business specifically for a child’s first birthday. Yet, even then the world said pick one thing, your passion, and all else will work out including the money. I had other passions, but chose organizational management over all the others.

Secretly I have regretted that decision. However as my career progressed, I would give my best effort to fit my passions in one box and was left feeling unfulfilled.

What has been defined as passion by gurus and regular folk just seemed to me to be a good work ethic. I accept that some need passion to stay committed, when things become challenging or mundane but that is not all people. Moreover, some peoples’ boats float by more than one interest.

Then over a two-day period I had headache, that would not go away. I medicated, self reflected and prayed. My answer was a confirmation of my passions. My headache was worsening. I felt like my interests were all in neon lights competing for attention like the lights of Las Vegas.

Then searching online I found a life coach who coined the term multi-passionate entrepreneur. The coach proceeded to describe her life and how finding a singular niche just didn’t work. Some way she figured out how to balance and combine her interests. She thrived and the money followed!

Finally an answer. I had a title, a name, and someone else in this big world to reference. RELIEF and CONFIRMATION. I am not crazy, scattered brained or any other descriptor implied by, “what are you doing now?”

I am Lorne Shelby Wellington. I am a Multi Passionate Entrepreneur and that is scrappy!

Lorne Shelby Wellington, the business owner of the Sculpted Silhouette. Sculpted Silhouette’s mission is to fit all women into the correct bra one bra at a time. Sculpted Silhouette celebrates the feminine form by giving a distinctive experience for women, including breast cancer survivors, nursing moms, plus size women and hard to fit sizes.

After lingerie shopping while visiting Paris, I was treated to a professional bra fitting and was pleasantly surprised to learn that there was a perfectly fitting bra for ME and it came in a fashion color. With ideas in hand I returned to South Africa.

Please visit Sculpted Silhouette:

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  1. Hi Lorne. I am really happy that you see some light at the end of the tunnel. It is not easy to find your niche in life, for most people. I wish you much success and fullfilment my friend.

  2. Thanks for inspiring us by sharing your story, Lorne! What must have seemed impossible long ago became possible through your faith in something beyond reason and logic. Wishing you all the very best!

  3. Beautiful! My name is Lei-Ann and I am a Healing-therapeutic -Intercessor. Sis, please continue to experience ALL that life has to offer.

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