Happy DRJ App for Children Diagnosed with Autism

We are delighted to host this guest post in support the the wonderful work that Dr. Dustow is doing. Enjoy! – Kimberly

I’m Dr. Jennifer Dustow, a Cognitive Behavioral Learning Specialist who have been working with children diagnosed under the autism spectrum for over 17 years. One of the devastating aspects regarding autism is the cost for treatments. After many years of repeatedly witnessing families being financially drained, bankrupted and forced to stop much needed treatments, I just knew I needed to do something.

So in order to assist families, I decided to create an app both in Apple and Android that is simple to use, very inexpensive and highly effective. This app is in no way designed to replace treatments but rather a supplement to aid in left and right brain hemisphere communication which leads to increase focus.

When a brain is able to focus learning occurs.

The Happy DRJ app was created and geared for children 2+ diagnosed under the autism spectrum. However, children with other diagnoses are also benefiting.

This app is divided into two main components; midline exercises and social stories. Midline exercises are movements that cross the midline of the body. Within this Happy DRJ app there are five midline exercises easy to perform that provide the maximum opportunity to focus the mind.

Whereas the other aspect within the Happy DRJ app is ‘social stories’ which are added to on a regular basis ( and are included in the one time fee of under $1USD ). The reason behind the social story component is to provide children a ‘how to’ engage with world around them.

When a child is unable to express feelings and emotions, frustrations increase. If this frustration is not addressed the child will disengage with the world around them.

Knowing this, I set to work with a team that understood my vision for an inexpensive app that would support a child’s current treatments (meaning the ability to focus the brain). After about a year and a half we launched Happy DRJ which is now currently in 15 languages (still with a fee of under $1USD).
Tools provide us the opportunity for a much more engaged fulfilling life. For children diagnosed under the autism spectrum affective tools allow or create a bridge between realities. The Happy DRJ app has demonstrated its effectiveness with these children in several countries throughout the world, while remaining inexpensive.
Stay safe strong and blessed. Aloha
Dr. Jennifer Dustow has own and operated a private in Hawaii for over 17 years. Her website is drjenniferdustow.com and can be contacted at drdustow@gmail.com
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