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Consulting Services Overview

Stop lurching fitfully toward your goals!
Move beyond hunch-based business management and the tyranny of the urgent!


“To put it simply, I would never bet against Kimberly – failure is just not in her vocabulary. I have great admiration and respect for her ability to guide individuals, teams and projects to success. As a colleague, and in many ways a student, of hers, she quickly demonstrated to me how to achieve your goals regardless of your background and experience.” – Jateen Parekh, Co-Founder, CTO, COO,

Keynote Speaking . . . that Inspires and Entertains

Send us details about your event and audience and we’ll conjure up something extraordinary. Sample Topics.

“Lunch and Learn” Programs . . . that Engage and Ignite Action

Your people need to eat anyhow, so have them spend their lunchtime with Kimberly for a performance boost. Sample Topics.

Workshops . . . that Immediately Improve Business Results

“Training” doesn’t change behavior, and changed behavior is required for improved business results. Kimberly delivers! Sample Topics.

Thinking Partner Coaching . . . that accelerates the achievement of the “impossible”

Dare to dream bigger dreams, and accelerate the achievement of these dreams through a powerfully supportive “thinking partnership” with Kimberly. Her track record of opening the door to amazing breakthroughs for other people extends over 15 years and a wide range of examples of the “impossible” becoming inevitable.

Consulting . . . that Dramatically Improves Business Results

Improved business results requires changes in Action, Communication, and Thinking (ACT). Results-focused consulting doesn’t just deliver recommendations or create dependency. To achieve real and sustainable change, ACT! Kimberly is obsessed with results, and overcoming negative stereotypes of consultants.

Energizing and Effective Facilitation . . . that Brings People Together

Strategic Planning Offsites, Project Kickoffs, Executive Working Sessions, and Team Events produce better results when taken with a dose of Kimberly.

Breakthrough Results: Meetings CAN be real work . . . if you prepare for them and execute them with excellence!

  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Kick Offs
  • Important Meetings
  • Events
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  1. Your style is very unique in contrast to other folks I’ve went through.
    Thanks a lot for sharing when you have got the opportunity,
    reckon I’m going to take notes from this one.

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