Kimberly Wiefling – Keynote Speaking

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Keynote Speaking

Kimberly’s edgy style and heartfelt delivery makes her a popular keynote speaker, webinar speaker, and workshop facilitator. Naturally a video can’t fully capture the energy that has earned her the label “A force of nature”, but here’s a little bit of what Kimberly delivered for Cisco in 2011. Please contact her if your team would benefit from being infected with the ‘Kimberly Virus’. Warning: Please be sure you’re ready to authentically engage in the transformation process because there’s no cure!

An engaging presenter, in addition to her workshops, Kimberly has been invited to speak on a wide variety topics for government agencies, universities, social organizations and corporations. She’s an unforgettable live wire! Her high levels of audience interaction make sure everyone’s wide awake and engaged. Check out this brief video about meeting effectiveness as an example of Kimberly’s approach.

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