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KIMBERLY WIEFLING helps individuals, teams and organizations achieve what seems impossible, but is merely difficult. She is a globally recognized author and business leadership consultant, and is the author of one of the top project management books in the US, Scrappy Project Management – The 12 Predictable and Avoidable Pitfalls Every Project Faces, growing in popularity around the world, and published in Japanese by Nikkei Business Press.  She’s the executive editor of the whole series of Scrappy Guides, and recently published Scrappy Women in Business and Scrappy General Management. The founder of Wiefling Consulting, Inc., she consults to global business leaders committed to solving global problems profitably. Wahoo!


Leading from Any Chair in the Organization

Leadership isn’t a position or title, it’s A.C.T. (Action, Communication and Thinking).  No matter what position you hold, you can apply leadership principles to the benefit of your team.

Scrappy Project Management

The 12 predictable and avoidable pitfalls every project faces and how to avoid them.  (Based on Kimberly’s book by this name.)

Creativity & Leadership:  Conjuring Repeatable Breakthroughs

Every sector of society is facing challenges and opportunities that can seem daunting. Leaders can benefit greatly by unleashing more creativity in themselves and others. Can someone learn to be more creative?  You bet!!

Building Product Life Cycle (PLC) Excellence

Adopt strategies proven to deliver the best results.

Why Isn’t Common Sense Common Practice?

In fact common sense in amazingly uncommon.  Find out why, and how to cross the knowing-doing gap.

Scrappy Women in Business

Riotous and moving stories of real life as a woman in business. If you want to increasing the contribution of women professionals, this is for you! (Based on Kimberly’s book by this name.)

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