Meet Chryseis Knight – Possibly the Youngest Child Author

Welcome to this special post! It’s truly my pleasure to feature Chryseis Knight here. She wrote her first book when she was 3. Now THAT is SCRAPPY! Below in the images is the message she wrote to me, transcribed by her dear dad. Enjoy! – Kimberly   

WRITTEN by a 3-year-old . . . “The Great Big Lion“! I got to meet Chryseis virtually last week. She’s AWESOME!

Dear Kimberly, here are my thoughts about writing & why I write books.

Why books?

  1. Because when you read books, they are always exciting. You never get tired of reading them.
  2. Because when you read a book, you cannot stop reading it. When its time to put the book down you feel that was such a wonderful read & get inspired to write books too!
  3. Because when you read books, your mind is opened to another world, full of wizards & witches & fairies, & even pixies!
  4. Because when you read a book you feel like you are all of the characters, you feel sucked into the book & you don’t expect it to end at all!
  5. Because when you read books you finally know which kind of book you like, whether it’s a funny book, a horror book or a fantasy book.

Why I write books?

Because when you pick up a book, they are not the same as poetry or songs or even a diary. When you read books, they become friends with you immediately. Songs & poetry are nice too, but books give you something different. And that is why I write books & why I wrote The Great Big Lion.

ABOUT Chryseis Knight: Meet 6-year-old Chryseis Knight. Chryseis is possibly the youngest child author; she started reading at the age of 1 and published her first book at the age of three!

Her first book is “The Great Big Lion” which is a fiction book for ages 2 to 10. Chryseis did her book launches at Popular Bookstore and National Library in Singapore. She has a series of more books that are in the process of publishing. You can learn more about her and check out her book, The Great Big Lion at in the link:

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