Reasons Why Water Coolers for The Office Are the Best Idea

Dehydration is a common symptom for people who are working in offices. Without enough of this liquid the body can’t function the way it should and the chances of making mistakes will increase dramatically. Water is very healthy and beneficial to your body. Read more about why water is so important to a human’s health here:

Why Should a Person Drink This Natural Fluid at Work?

There are several reasons why staying hydrated at work is incredibly important. Here are a few of the main reasons why: 


As you start drinking more of this natural liquid the nutrients in the brain can move to the rest of the body faster. This causes the body to get more energy and get the job done faster and more effectively. 


After being in the office for several hours a day while staring at the same computer screen the body tends to shut down. The reason for this is because the brain is not getting the nutrients it should. This causes the body to fatigue and it leads to lack of concentration. 


When you are dehydrated the body vessels will become narrower this leads to an increase in stress levels and can also cause severe headaches. 

From this information we can see that it is very important to stay hydrated while you are in the working environment.  

There are many benefits to investing in water coolers for the office, let’s take a closer look. 

Benefits Of Having Water Coolers In The Office

In most parts of the world there is a law that all employees should have access to clean drinking water at all times while they are in the office. There are many reasons and benefits for having water coolers in the work area. These benefits are:


Bottles used in coolers are recyclable and reusable. Plastic won’t be thrown in the trash, but rather reused for many months. This means they can be cleaned and get filled up again. So not only will the workers be hydrated, but the environment will not get damaged either. 


It is easy to find a water cooler that fits the needs of the working environment. For a bigger office you can find a bigger device and if you have limited space it will also be easy to find a smaller one. 


The secret to keep workers productive, healthy and happy is by making sure they stay hydrated. It is proven that employees who have access to these wonderful coolers, can be 25% more productive than the employees who don’t have it. It’s important to make your employees feel comfortable in their work place.  

When they feel appreciated and well looked after their performance will increase. Creating an overall more productive team. Read this list of tips on how to further improve productivity in the office. 


Most of these devices have filters in them, which means they take any impurities out the water, ensuring the workers have clean water. 

How Do Water Coolers Work?

This cooler contains a refrigerant that turns into a gas form. This refrigerant circulates in the pipes and thus absorbs the heat away from the liquid. This is why the liquid is immediately nice and cold as soon as it gets poured into the cup. 

How Much Do These Devices Cost?

To install this unit the price begins at $700. This includes plumbing connection and the installation of this device. Furthermore, the monthly rate will be between $

30 to 50$ per cooler. This price does depend on which model is being used as well as how much water your office is using per month.  

We can see that these devices are incredibly beneficial for office usage. It is not only space efficient and environmentally friendly but it also holds various amounts of benefits for the employees. It is easy to find these devices in any size and there are various types available to fit your financial and spatial needs. 

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