Residential IPs Help You to Ensure Unbiased Data and to Stay Competitive

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An IP address can be compared to your regular address, but it is a virtual one. Each time you send a request to a web resource, it receives your IP. Do you know what information can be extracted from an IP? First of all, it is possible to extract your phone number and email. And from those one can extract name, country, birthdate, addresses that are in association etc.

There are different kinds of IPs: data center, mobile, residential, shared, rotated etc. They are called proxies. They act as an intermediate between you and your destination site and were created to mask your real IP. If you go with a residential IP as your proxy when surfing the Web in your residence, your real address will be hidden halfway to the destination site. The destination resource will see a completely new residential address.

Residential Proxies. Peculiarities

Residential accommodation reassigns requests that enter the Web from your device to a pool of residential addresses around the world. Thankfully to this it is possible to target not only up to the country, but even up to the city (if the service you have chosen is a quality service). The best services allow targeting even up to the mobile operator.

With residential accommodations you can use Internet resources as a real person in that location. This allows access to various sites that have been geo-restricted. Besides, you can gather valuable data that can boost the performance of your business.

How Proxies Help to Receive Data

Obtaining relevant data is crucial for any online business. Mobile residential proxies are best helpers with this task. Sticking with residential proxies you will not get banned.

Proxies allow receiving unbiased data that concerns:

  • application testing;
  • price comparison;
  • monitoring competitors without being disguised;
  • market analysis;
  • likes and dislikes of your target audience etc.

In order to stay competitive your business needs all this precious data. Proxies will also assist with managing multiple pages, promotion and advertising.

Mainstream Providers

See the list of the best residential proxy accommodations. It was prepared to make your search easier.


It owns 100M IPs globally. Offers data center and residential proxies, but the prices are a bit too heavy.


Prices are more pleasant than those of the previous service, but it has only 70 000 IPs which is not too many.


With more than 60 million addresses in its pool, OnlineSIM offers cheap prices and a high anonymity level. It is perfect for data retrieving.

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