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Want to share your own story as a Scrappy Woman in Business? Just fill in this form and submit your scrappy story of hope and inspiration for consideration.  It’s easy!  And as long as it’s not smutty, mean-spirited or hateful, we’ll probably publish it. (Naturally you have to sign a release, blah, blah, blah. Legal stuff.)

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Guidance for Authors

Keep it fun while providing real value to your readers. Make it Scrappy! (Not socially acceptable
or politically correct, but not blatantly offensive, either.) Speak the truth from the heart, with HEART!

  1. How the heck did I end up the XXX of a YYY? I was going to be a ZZZ!
  2. Ohmygawd, if I had known how hard it would be . . .
  3. Some of the hideous risks I took and the incredible balls of steel I had to have to get through the tough times . . . and how my sense of humor helped me deal with so many challenges . . .
  4. Oh, and there are always more “tough times”, but you get better at handling them . . .
  5. Here’s some things I never thought I COULD do . . . . but did it, and how . . .
  6. Here are a couple of things I wouldn’t want my mother or my priest to know I DID do, . . . so please don’t tell . . .
  7. And here’s a bit of advice . . . just between us chickens . . .
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