The Pain of Losing is Only Temporary, However, Quitting is Forever By Dr. Bette Daoust, Ph.D.

I really came from a humble beginning growing up in Burnaby, British Columbia and in San Francisco California. My father passed away at an early age and left my mother with two small children. I had just turned six and my brother was one. It was at this juncture that my mother decided to move in with her mother in San Francisco. I had the pleasure of attending elementary school there within a short walk of Panhandle Park. Those were fond memories and San Francisco always felt like my second home.

Soon thereafter, when I was 9 we moved back to Canada where I remained until turning 50. I was overjoyed to be headhunted and return to the Bay Area on a more permanent basis. I loved being reconnected with family and making new friends. It was difficult leaving behind my children and their families but in reality I saw them more often and the visits were longer.

My journey to where I am today may be pretty typical for some. I was the child that was always picked last for any team, my academics were excellent when I liked the subject and very dismal if I did not. I was not slated to accomplish much in my life by all those that taught me. I basically just floated through my teen years without too much caring about the future.

I applied to university and with my rotten marks I was not too hopeful and neither was anyone around me. I did manage to get in and soon was on my way to another dismal academic year. I dropped out! It was not long after that I knew I wanted to be a teacher but would have a lot of fences to mend academically before I would be permitted back into the university system. I decided to go to Community College and see if there was anything that would spark my interest. I decided to try the Teaching Assistant program. This was the best choice I had ever made in my life. I ended up with a 100% scholarship to any university of my choice! This program introduced me to skills I never knew I had…writing, teaching, and helping others succeed. My path was now clear.

I did become a teacher and moved beyond the classroom to developing programs for the entire Province of British Columbia, I completed a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and put it to good use. I wrote training guides, books, and taught outside the classroom (other teachers, business people and more in the field of technology). I managed to start my own training company and actually got more clients than one of the larger companies in the area. Lucky me! Actually it was hard work doing the marketing, but I dug in and won.

As my reputation for writing books increased, so did my contracts and that is when I decided to leave teaching and go into the world of business. That move led me to be hired back in the Bay Area as technical writer, instructional designer, and document expert. Ahhh…..the good life!

My book series was spurred on by my work in high tech and working with budding entrepreneurs – how could I stop helping others succeed. As an active Rotarian, I helped in other ways ; I had the chance to work with entrepreneurs in building their businesses. It all sounds rosy, but trust me, I had my share of failures as well. The biggest contributor to my success was to realize that the pain of failure or bad results was only temporary but quitting was forever. I am not a quitter!

Now back in Canada, by choice, my skills as a networker and writer has led me to an ideal life. A life where I can choose what I do. I choose to help others succeed at the same time working for another high tech company guiding them through the world of documentation which in turn will push their technology to the world! There is nothing like a new challenge in life.

My advice to anyone wanting to succeed is to plan your way through the rough spots and go by the seat of the pants with the successes by doing what works. You have to be organized, detailed yet agile and flexible at all times. Today I work with several businesses (two of them are MLM – each has not hit critical mass, therefore I am in it for the money and it gives me the ability to help others gain some good income at the same time). I am back to writing and am helping my daughter Carina Grace market her trilogy (Chronicles of Myriad – first book is called Child of the Soul Stone – now available through Amazon and Chapters) and I am getting back to my love of writing as well. I am in the process of putting together a program called Create My Own Cash (website is up and the Facebook page is taking shape). This program is for those that want to make money on the side and want to do it right without spending more than what is available. If you want to know more, call me, Skype is always open bette.daoust is my handle or send a message via Facebook, I am always happy to hear from others.


Bette Daoust,Ph.D. :  Instructional Design, Speaker,  Writer, Author, Technical Writer at TechnoQuan, LLC,  LifeVantage Distributor