Giving Thanks by Sue Lebeck

Thankyou(Originally posted at Sue Lebecks’s blog on, Nov. 18th, 2013)

InnovatingSMART has sent me on a journey. From high-performance materials and high-impact business structures to smart asset management systems and smart grids,  InnovatingSMART has been a channel for connecting me with fascinating folks doing SMART innovation. What better way to go deep into a broad field than to sit down with the SMART pioneers and practitioners?

My love of all things SMART has fed my appreciation of information-technology infused infrastructural systems. From smart buildings and smart cities to collaborative transportation and collaborative carbon reduction movements, data-rich software systems are playing a central role in realizing the efficient systems of the future. A computer scientist and innovation management specialist, I have moved from merely observing SMART innovation afoot to directly participating myself.

The Cool City Challenge is my current participation focus.  There I am providing technological direction and refining the user requirements of the software systems that will support this timely and mission-critical social innovation.

My practice of observation continues with GreenBiz which has invited me to become a monthly contributor to their own daily stories-of-sustainability practice. My writings will continue to explore the interfaces which open our systems to widespread SMART innovation. Check out my first article and watch for more over the next weeks and months.

I am grateful for InnovatingSMART and give thanks to both the creative team that helped me build it as well as to InnovatingSMART editor Nathaniel Gloekler, who graciously and beautifully supports me on the production side. We will continue to bring you InnovatingSMART in 2014 on a quarterly and occasional basis.

Most of all, I am grateful to you SMART innovators! Have a sustaining and delightful Thanksgiving, and a merry winter holiday season from all of us at InnovatingSMART. See you in the spring!

Sue Lebeck, is the Founder and Director of InnovatingSMART.  You can contact her via Sue Lebeck is an innovation management specialist working to advance smart, sustainability-driven systems. A researcher, product management and development specialist and innovation manager, Sue brings her diverse background in software, psychology, media and collaboration to the work of sustainability innovation.
Sue is also one of our authors of the Scrappy Women in Business book.