My Epiphany, a SCRAPPY Moment and BIG Answer to Prayer by Lorne Shelby Wellington

Lorne_Shelby_Wellington_Updated_medium SWB website 2014-06-03Quote: “I coined the term multi-passionate entrepreneur because like you, I don’t fit into a conventional box.” – Marie Forleo

Story: Since I was a kid, say 9 yrs. old, my entrepreneurial spirit has been alive. My first business was “Mother’s Day Off”, a party planning business specifically for a child’s first birthday. Yet, even then the world said pick one thing, your passion, and all else will work out including the money. I had other passions, but chose organizational management over all the others.

Secretly I have regretted that decision. However as my career progressed, I would give my best effort to fit my passions in one box and was left feeling unfulfilled.
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