My Book is all about Organizational Change by Kevin Kreitman

kevin-kreitman-on-organizational-change_cover_lg_052614I just finished my very first THiNKaha Book 48 hours after being introduced to the concept.  In case you aren’t familiar with THiNKaha (, and the Aha Amplifier (, it’s the brainchild of Thought Leader Architect Mitchell Levy.  The books consist of 140 tweet-able quotes on a subject of your choice.  Achingly simple and brilliant.

My book is all about organizational change.  Before we go down the well-worn Organizational Development path…my perspective on change is heavily influenced (equally) by my work in two areas:

First, the field of Systems and Cybernetics—how organizations and other closed loop systems create their own behavior, and generate their own problems—even without interference from outside influences.

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