When Not to Listen to Your Customer (Infographic)

Contributed article in our business series. Enjoy! – Kimberly

Everybody has heard the old adage that the customer is always right. Nobody can deny the importance of listening and responding to your customers. There’s no better way to build customer relationships and foster trust in your business.

By demonstrating that you hear your customer’s opinions and are willing to address their concerns and feedback, customers will remain loyal to your brand. They are also more willing to refer your business, make a repeat purchase, or leave a positive review.

However, is the customer always right? The reality is no – not all the time. Many of the top entrepreneurs and businesses have capitalized on this fact to grow their business and reach success. So, when should you listen to your customer and when should you stick to your instincts or plan, even if it means ignoring customer feedback?

Learn more in the infographic by Valpak below. It breaks down scenarios when it’s helpful not to listen to your customer, in addition to common types of customers you may need to coach along the way.

Graphic attribution: Valpak


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