Why Choose Augusta Precious Metals for your Portfolio

Gold, silver, palladium, and platinum are considered precious metals because of their rareness. The limited amounts of minerals produced each year are decreasing, and their scarcity increases these metals’ value.

You may want to add these into your portfolio, especially into your ROTH IRA account, if you consider diversifying. Read augusta reviews for brokers who can tell you more about how to open an account and start trading with gold. Some of the information that you need to know about them are discussed below:


Platinum is considered a rare metal, and annual production is measured approximately at 250 tons. This output is lesser than gold, where the annual production is about 2,800, so it’s no surprise why people value platinum. This metal is used in many industries because it has high heat resistance. Investors can hold this as one of their assets against inflation and stock market crashes.

As an investment asset, diversifying with precious metals may slightly differ from other commodities. The prices of the raw materials may move lower and higher according to the terms of currencies. However, precious metals are often competing against the currencies to be an asset. The currencies are used by governments worldwide, and they are usually minted coins and paper notes used for transactions.

Currency notes have value because it’s the responsibility of the government to dictate what they should. It’s, therefore, the nation’s complete faith in the currency that will give it its value. A specific country will control the generation and flow of money into the market. Read more about fiat money on this site here. However, when it comes to platinum, it’s the production of the mine and the availability of the stockpiles that will give it its value. As the people’s faith in printed money is declined, the metals will increase their value as time goes by. 


One of the most popular investments out there is gold. Several governments and individuals have used these over thousands of years because they ascribe tremendous value to this. The duality of this metal’s role means that this can have financial applications and industrial uses.

The high heat resistance and malleability of gold are some of its valuable assets. It can also be used to conduct electricity. The industrial plants consume about 10% of gold supplies that are mined annually. These plants may include the medical, dental, and electronics sectors. Gold has a history of becoming an ornamental and fabricated metal that’s used in jewelry. Gold is considered money, and many investors worldwide prefer this over any other assets.

About 40% of the annual gold bars find their way into investors’ portfolios and government stockpiles operated around the globe. When the demand for this investment becomes high, the price increases accordingly. Many countries are the owners of about 30% of the gold that was ever mined in the world’s history, and they are sometimes participating in foreign exchange transactions.

While many care about the gold production and its extraction from the earth’s crust, over 70% of the silver that’s extracted along with the ores, silver can be a byproduct of lead, zinc, copper, and other metal production in the industry. Know more facts about copper here: https://www.livescience.com/29377-copper.html

There’s also the potential that silver will have higher demands in years to come. Nowadays, the applications of silver are with solar panels, computers, mobile phones, and other electronics that can be found in the household.

Reasons to Invest in Precious Metals

  1. Investors have lost faith in other assets in the market and paper currencies in the last years. It’s, therefore, a wise choice to diversify with precious metals that can retain their value over time. These are considered stores of wealth for economic turmoil and uncertainty, and they usually have a negative correlation with other paper assets.
  2. In times of hyperinflation and upheaval, many people could use precious metals to go out of a country. This was prevalent during the departure of many Jews from Nazi Germany in the 1930s. The people have bribed their way out from the government and paid with silver and other precious gems. These examples show everyone that these are more valuable than paper currencies in times of emergencies.
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