About Us

This website, and the associated book, are dedicated to every woman who’s ever broken through a barrier, violated a taboo, or overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve what seemed impossible, but was merely difficult . . . without even breaking a nail, or whining about it if she did.

I’ve been really lucky to live during a time when opportunities for women expanded greatly, and I’ve had the support of many scrappy gal pals along the way.  I honestly believe I would have given up without their encouragement, and the guidance of the many mentors, both men and women, that I’ve enjoyed along the way.  And if I’ve traveled farther than my sisters of previous generations, it’s because they hacked out a path for me to make my journey easier, experiencing challenges I’ve never had to face, and bearing burdens that I can’t even imagine.  I can see my own future possibilities, and those of future generations of women, because I’m standing on their strong shoulders.

This web site, which grew out of a book project among a dozen Scrappy gal pals, is intended to grow from a trickle of wisdom into a fountain of inspiration from which millions of women will drink, and a platform from which they gain the courage to leap boldly into their own futures.  I hope you will add your stories to the flow so that, drop by drop, we grow this tiny stream into an ocean of wisdom.

Wahoo!  – Scrappy Kimberly

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