In their own words, here’s what a dose of “Scrappy” has done for Scrappy Women in Business around the world:

I cannot begin to tell you how impactful this single woman, Scrappy Kimberly Wiefling, with all her Scrappy friends has been to me, reaching through one single book, with unbounding energy and joy, that of just living life without obsession of error, loving life for the tremendous tumbles we take, and maybe above all else laughing all the way up our own ladder of success, no matter where it leads us.” – Pamela R. Verhasselt

“Bless you and your mission to push people, especially women, towards their potential and tempt the “impossible”!  As promised, you’ll hear from me about my progress down this path towards that long term goal.” —Emily Hennessee, Asheville, N.C.

“Well, put it this way….I read the book a year ago and though many of the details are faded, the impact the book made on me remains strong. As a business owner, it showed me how to view my accomplishments. I am so busy doing what I’m doing, I never have a chance to look back at what I have done. Thank you for that. I would recommend this book to anyone—young, old, male, female—it is inspirational. Hearing the stories of others’ successes is infectious. It recharges the batteries, refuels the tanks, while reminding you that working smart is the key. Risk can be okay, but foolishness is not. And it is a great book for someone who rarely has time to read for pleasure because each woman’s story is a quick read. To everyone, I say: Read, enjoy, be inspired!”—Cathy Walsh, President, Ceramics a la Carte, Inc., Canton, MA

“I just started reading your book and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. After reading Chapter 3, I had to write to you. My career has been almost as crazy as Pat’s and I was able to relate to her experiences as if they were my own. The one thing I took away from this chapter is that I’m still on a “zig” of my “zigzag” career and I won’t be growing up anytime soon! Thanks for writing such an inspiring book based on real life experiences. Well done!” — Debbie Hachey, Business Systems Analyst, SCS – Sales

“I devoured the Scrappy Women in Business book! I really enjoyed it and look for opportunities to recommend it to others. I found it a fun read containing a number of comments that really resonated with me.”—Jane Divinski, VP of Engineering

Send us your heartfelt testimonial about how your life has benefited from a dose of “Scrappy” and we’ll be happy to include it here.

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